Mark Townsend test the Original Penguin Golf Everyday Trousers at Essendon Golf and Country Club.

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Original Penguin All Day Everyday Trousers


  • These will suit any age, any size and there are four colours


  • You might not be used to spending this much on trousers


Original Penguin Golf Everyday Trousers


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Original Penguin Golf Everyday Trousers Review

I have had a 20-year problem with golf trousers that has led me off in all directions when online shopping or on the high street. The basic premise being that any golf trouser is unsuitable for me.

Over the years we’ve seen more and more stretchy and shiny fabrics come in which has alienated many like myself whose age and waistline is fast on the up.

So the simple solution is to head to the high street and get a pair of trousers that are both too heavy and never wash well so you’re either too hot or they’ve lost their shape within a few months. On the upside they don’t look like golf trousers, on the downside they’re completely unsuitable for golf.

These trousers from Original Penguin are fantastic. The first enormous tick is that they are flat fronted so there’s no sharp crease and they look normal and relatively casual.

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The second tick is that there are no slits at the bottom of the trouser or no horrific detailing or logos so anyone can tell what you’re wearing from the next fairway. All there is a Pete the Penguin logo, in the same colour on the front left pocket. They’re simply and classy and that is a great thing. 

Original Penguin Golf Everyday Trousers

The word ‘stretch’ tends to see me putting up my defences when it comes to trousers but these are smart. They’re not clingy, unlike plenty of others, but they do help you when you’re lining up a putt or getting a ball out of the hole and there is a stretch gripper waistband to help them fit properly. Gone are the days of constantly shifting and pulling up your trousers, once they’re on, they’re on.

But the real kicker is how lightweight they are. Again lightweight trousers for many of us would fire off all sorts of alarm bells but these are spot on. I first tested these on a rare day when the temperatures were in the high 20s, rather than the usual sweaty nature of a trouser, these were amazing at keeping me fresh and dry.

They also provide UV protection and have moisture management properties so they would also make the perfect companion for some holiday golf if you’re not a fan of golf in shorts.


A lightweight, classic pair of golf trousers suitable for any golfer, any age, any size. If you're willing to pay a bit extra for golf trousers these are a fantastic option.