Golf Monthly's Paul O'Hagans heads onto the course to conduct his Callaway Big Bertha V Series driver review

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Callaway Big Bertha V Series driver review

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Above, watch Golf Monthly technical editor Paul O’Hagan’s Callaway Big Bertha V Series driver review.

The Callaway Big Bertha V Series driver, which is also joined by a Callaway V Series fairway wood, features a lightweight design at just 290g.

This lighter club helps you create more clubhead speed, which in turn creates more ball speed to increases your distance.

The new driver, which will sit alongside the Big Bertha and Big Bertha Alpha, also has a new aerodynamic shaping that lowers drag through the entire swing to give you faster swing speeds, which again will boost your distance potential.

A Forged Composite material in the classic looking crown is also lighter, leading to maximum clubhead speed, while the Hyper Speed Face returns to deliver fast ball speeds across the face.

Like previous models, Callaway’s adjustable OptiFit hosel from lets you choose from a combination of eight different loft and lie angles to find your optimised trajectory and shot shape.

The Callaway Big Bertha V Series driver will come in 9°, 10.5° and 13.5° options, with the ultra lightweight (42g) Mitsubishi Bassara shaft fitted as standard.

The driver is on sale now – with an RRP of £299 – from golf shops and pro shops up and down the country, as well as online.

Callaway has also recently introduced the Big Bertha Alpha 815 and the Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond drivers.

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