Why Jason Day Is Sleeping In An RV On His Driveway During The Memorial Tournament

The 13-time PGA Tour winner has an unusual living arrangement ahead of the Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village Golf Club

Jason Day during a practice round at The Memorial Tournament
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Jason Day has adopted an interesting strategy to prepare for this week’s Memorial Tournament.

Like many other professional golfers, Day usually travels and stays in an RV during PGA Tour events.

But as a resident of Columbus, Ohio, he has previously managed to stay at home during the Memorial, with Muirfield Village Golf Club only a 30-minute drive from where he lives. 

For this year’s event, however, Day has opted against sleeping in his own bed to stay in his motorhome that is parked on his driveway. 

The 13-time PGA Tour winner revealed that the idea of sleeping in an RV – like he has for many other tournaments – came from his wife after a poor run of results at his ‘home’ event.

“Thirty-minute drive, not too bad,” he said in an interview with Ron Green on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio. “I am staying in my bus in my driveway though.”

When asked by Green to explain his unusual living arrangement, Day replied: “So my wife suggested it. In the past, I've had some poor results here and she's said, 'I think you're too relaxed and you're out of structure. And you need to treat it as a tournament week.' So we have a spot where we park our bus in the driveway and, yeah, I'm staying there."

Day said he wasn’t sure why he hasn’t performed well at the Memorial in the past, but hopes the familiarity of his RV will help him this week.

“In team sports you typically play better at your home stadium or if it’s a home game you typically play better because you’ve got the fans. For me I think it’s just a busy week, you’ve got family and friends coming in and out. It is a little bit more of a relaxed week, even though it is a tough golf course.

“But overall I feel good this week. We’ve got three big tournaments coming up in a row, so I’m trying to get as focused as possible.”

Joel Kulasingham
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