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When Can I Play Golf In A Four Ball?

The pandemic has taken lots away from people all around the world, and one thing that has been absent for many months here in the UK is golf.

Golf courses in England have been closed since 5th January, with courses still shut in Northern Ireland too.

Wales’ courses opened last week having been closed since pre-Christmas, whilst golf has been allowed in Scotland since May 29th 2020.

When Can I Play In A Four Ball in England?

Luckily for English golfers, four balls will be returning straight away when courses re-open on 29th March.

From 29th March, golfers will be allowed to play in fours with the ‘Rule of Six’ coming back into operation outdoors across the country.

Tee times will be spaced out by 10 minutes, with clubhouses opening for outdoor food and beverage on 12th April.

Not long now!

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When Can I Play In A Four Ball in Wales?

Golf courses in Wales are now open for two ball play, with golfers allowed to play local courses due to a five mile rule of thumb recommendation.

The local guidance is set to be done away with on 27th March if cases continue to drop.

Currently, four balls are technically allowed as long as they contain a maximum of two households.

Wales is yet to publish its roadmap out of full lockdown so it is currently unknown when four balls made up from four different households will be allowed.

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When Can I Play In A Four Ball in Scotland?

Scottish golfers can now play in four balls.

This is as long as the course has a designated Covid officer and all four golfers live within the local authority area.

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When Can I Play In A Four Ball in Northern Ireland?

There is currently no date for when golf courses will be re-opening in Northern Ireland.

The country’s executive will be making Covid reviews on March 16, April 15, May 13 and June 10.

It is expected that courses will re-open soon, with Northern Ireland being the only country in the UK without a date as things stand.

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