What’s The Worst Golfing Christmas Present That You’ve Received?

Our online community discuss how their nearest and dearest continue to let them down

Worst golfing Christmas present
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It's that time of the year again - we look at what the worst golfing paraphernalia etc that we've received for Christmas. Even though most of us are a limited bunch, with not a whole load of interests outside of golf, there’s no excuse for some of the tat that comes our way…

It's a split between the ball monogrammer that doesn't work or the book of amusing quotes that aren't amusing. Sad to say that any presents on here will all be defeated by this year’s special at AG. A pair of slippers with a print of St Andrews on them. Truly hideous and no doubt already a well-meaning relative has bought and wrapped a pair for one of us. Lord Tyrion

Not sure how my aunty got hold of a dozen Harrods golf balls, living in the middle of Wales in the mid 80s, but these always stick in my mind. Like bricks and cracked on impact though the wrapping was nice. MarkT

I'm pretty sure we've all had the emoji golf balls at some point. Bazzatron

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Some  folks who know I play golf seem to assume that I would like anything golf-related. We can be a bit obsessive about our game…but not always endlessly so. SwingsitlikeHogan

The spirit of giving seems to extend to the local charity shop. Hopefully they give someone the same amount of joy and cheer they gave me…  Oddsocks

I've had it all. The ball stamper that didn't even work, the Emoji golf balls that were rocks and the face wore off after four hits anyway, the ultra-violet golf ball finding glasses (useless), the umbrella holder that's meant to fit any trolley but it's flimsy and not even strong enough to hold the brolly vertically for more than five minutes, golf balls from Harrods in a pointless leather ball holder that clips onto your belt (just why??), golf balls from the House of Commons, the toilet putting game, and more than one relative who bought me a glove but for some reason thought I would wear a large!?

I tried the golf ball finding glasses out once for a laugh. Essentially if you look at a ball with them on it does kind of look brighter, but only when you would have seen the ball anyway with your eyes. It doesn't make the ball any brighter when it's hidden under some leaves I've had the Lindt chocolate golf balls as well. Wouldn't class them as a worst present though, they were bloody tasty. OrikoruI was given one of these several years back. Straight up into the loft when putting the decorations away. A few years later to the charity shop in mint condition. Voyager EMH

Worst golfing Christmas present

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Opened this week – Murder on the Links Poirot book and some novelty chocolate golf balls. I gave a £50 bottle of Japanese gin.. evemccc

The book of 101 Hilarious Golf Jokes. 101 of them are not. Smiffy

Once got a pair of Royal and Awesome trousers from someone that thought all golfers dress like a kings jester. They went straight into the charity shop. Sats

A drinks coaster with the question "Before golf was invented what did men do again?" Not only the worst but annoyingly functional. It happened to be on a shelf in the spare room so I've used it every day through the pandemic since we started working from home in March 2020. Jimaroid

Simpson golf socks, that one year were too big and the a couple of years later got another pack too small. DRW

I won’t let the family buy me golfing gear without me sending them exactly what I want. This is after the monogrammer issue of 2012. They know better now. Captainron

Have been given the ball finding glasses myself, went straight in the bin. need_my_wedge

Whenever I get given golf balls with a make I have never heard of I always say thanks I will definitely use them. Each one gets used once when I fire it down the range. I have the toilet putting game somewhere, the box has never been opened. srixon 1

Usually get perfectly decent balls/shirts etc as most people who buy me golfing presents are golfers themselves. Backache

The only golf presents I've had have been from Mrs D – A round on the West Course, Wentworth, a round on Sunningdale New and two rounds (one with a pro as a playing lesson) on the Queens and the PGA Gleneagles. I didn't complain too much ! chrisd

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