Tiger Woods revealed his wet weather practices and he carries more gloves than most amateurs go through in a couple of years


You Won’t Believe How Many Gloves Tiger Woods Carries…

Golfers don’t tend to be big fans of the rain but when you’re a Touring Pro and it’s your job, you’ve got to face all kinds of different weathers.

In GOLFTV’s latest clip with Tiger Woods, the 14-time Major winner revealed his wet-weather practices and you simply won’t believe how many gloves he carries in his golf bag…probably more than most golfers will go through in two years.

Woods was speaking to GOLFTV’s Henni Zuel, where he revealed that he doesn’t like rain jackets or umbrellas and simply gets wet before changing jumpers.

“If you ever see me under an umbrella, you know it must be hosing down rain, and that’s just because I’ve always been very sensitive of the feel of carrying an umbrella and then it would change the feel on my club,” he said.

It was “hosing down rain” when this picture was taken. (Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

“Now I’ve got Joey [Joe LaCava] to take care of all that. He’s always been a towel freak, because Fred [Couples, his former player] has always played without a glove and no matter what the temperatures are, we’ve usually got two towels in the bag.

“Now with me wearing a glove, it’s about having enough gloves. I probably carry close to 15-16 gloves. Now whether I use them all of not is a different story. Once they get wet it’s never gonna dry out especially when it’s cool.

“Also I didn’t like to play with a rain jacket on. I’d much rather just wear a sweater and just get wet.

“I would have multiple sweaters in the golf bag and just deal with that.

“I’ve just never liked rain jackets, I don’t like umbrellas and I don’t mind being wet because Pops used to say ‘once you’re wet, you’re wet, deal with it. You only get wet once’.

“But I used to say, ‘well there’s different degrees right you can get a little drop or you get soaked?’

“He says ‘no’, and I’m like ‘Okay that’s why you’re in Special Forces’ it’s just that mentally.

“If you look at my career I really haven’t used an umbrella or worn a rain jacket that often. The guys on Tour know that if I’m using an umbrella it must be really, really raining.”

Watch the clip below:

Tiger Woods plays in the Genesis Open at Riviera this week on the PGA Tour.

It is his 2nd start of 2019 and his third will be next week at the WGC-Mexico Championship.

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