First Look – New Titleist NXT Tour and NXT Extreme

Titleist's newest balls arrive in the Golf Monthly office. We give you the lowdown after putting them through their paces.

NXT, NXT Extreme

Titleist says: The New NXT Tour golf ball is designed for average to highly skilled golfers seeking the ultimate combination of soft feel, high performance control, and long distance. Advanced, multi-layer construction, with a new Tour-proven, higher coverage dimple design and Staggered Wave Parting Line provide longer, more consistent distance. The New NXT Tour is longer with the driver and long irons, while maintaining soft feel and high performance control into and around the green.

The New NXT Extreme golf ball is designed for golfers of all levels seeking Extreme distance without sacrificing soft feel and greenside playability. Featuring a soft compression, high COR core, new higher coverage dimple design and Staggered Wave Parting Line, the NXT Extreme provides longer, more consistent distance, while maintaining soft feel on all shots. If a Titleist NXT Extreme golf ball is cut through the normal course of play with a golf club, Titleist will replace each returned golf ball with three new Titleist NXT Extreme golf balls free of charge.

GM Initial verdict: The most noticeable thing about the new NXT Extreme is that it is considerably softer than the old NXT ball. As a result both balls feel very similar and perform well. Very good for distance and easier to control than those used to a premium ball might imagine.

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