Golf clubs already close to the edge are facing a real fight for survival during the Covid-19 pandemic


The Golf Clubs Using Crowdfunding To Survive During Coronavirus

Captain Tom Moore has inspired all of us with his incredible fund-raising efforts for the NHS – over £27.5m and counting as I write!

While no-one would put golf clubs in the same category of deserving causes as the NHS, it shouldn’t be underestimated how much members and others are emotionally attached to them, appreciative of the pleasure and camaraderie they provide.

These are going to be tough times financially for many clubs, especially those with spring renewal dates, as some members contemplate whether or not to rejoin, request rebates or concessions due to course closures or seek incentives to encourage them to part with their money.

Clubs already close to the edge face a real fight for survival during this Coronavirus pandemic.

So it has been heartwarming to see good responses to the crowdfunding initiatives set up by a number of clubs in the quest to weather the virus storm.

Peebles in the Borders, with its Harry Colt course set above the town, launched one such appeal to its members.

“Probably not since the two world wars has the golf club faced such a critical and potentially devastating crisis and uncertain times,” the appeal reads.

“The only income at present is member subscriptions and the club needs its members’ support now more than ever if it is to emerge from this crisis and secure a brighter future.”

It has already exceeded its target of £5,500 by 30 per cent with £7,159 donated by 98 supporters.

Torwoodlee, also in the Borders, had set out to raise £5,000 but has since increased that to £10,000 and is 66 per cent of the way to its new target thanks to 113 supporters.

“The club now faces an uncertain future and we therefore need as much money as possible to survive the pandemic and beyond,” the appeal reads.

“Whilst life itself is more important than golf, we can now start to appreciate over this lockdown period what life would be like without golf and a club that we all love to go to.

“More than ever we now realise our club is part of the community and a place where we can take and enjoy regular exercise.”

Elgin, further north, is 47 per cent of the way to its £5,000 target thanks to 50 supporters, and others are following suit, with Croham Hurst in Croydon, Surrey the latest one we have spotted.

Golf Monthly wishes them all every success in these difficult times.

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