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The Seve Ballesteros Airport may finally have a future near Satander, Spain. After years of waiting, the Spanish golf legend is set to be honoured by his home community

Seve Ballesteros Airport a Reality?

It's a story that's been in the works for nearly two years, that now may have an ending in sight.

Seve Ballesteros, who died in 2011 after a long battle with cancer is beloved in the area, and may now have the opportunity to be recognised.

The Santaner International Aiport has long been rumoured to be adding the Ballesteros name to the front.

Today, that may have been confirmed.

A tweet from the Seve Ballesteros foundation put out Thursday reads, "Santander airport renamed ‘Aeropuerto Seve Ballesteros-Santander’, What an honour and how proud Seve was of his homeland."

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A report from 5 May 2014 from the Euorpa Press from Madrid reported a decision to approve the renaming of the airport had already happened and an announcement was due in the coming days from the local governement.  (That report can be found here)

The decision would have renamed the Aiport to Aeopuerto Seve Ballesteros Santander-Parayas, after a campaign from the local community.

But the change was delayed without apparant reason.

Now, nearly a year later, there seems to be closure for Ballesteros and his foundation.

Rosario Sordo of the Fundación Seve Ballesteros told Golf Monthly:

"It all began in 2011 when Seve passed away and his native region of Cantabria wanted to rename the airport as a tribute to what Seve had meant."

"Later on, it was awakened by the people’s initiative, and the government of the region soon adopted a resolution, and approached Seve’s children to tell them the action taken to officially start the necessary proceedings to carry out the airport change of name."

"In May last year that the Parliament of Cantabria adopted the resolution, 'as a tribute to one of the most awarded golfers of all times who was a sign of identity for the region'."

"On 16 April 2015 the Ministry of Development published a decree to implement the name change in the BOE, the Oficial Spanish Government Publication. The Government of Cantabria now does the implementation with Aena, the Spanish Airports and Air Navigation Authority.

"Javier, Miguel and Carmen since they first heard of the initiative felt very honoured of this tribute to their father, who was so proud of his homeland all over the world."

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