Man stabbed on golf course near Salt Lake City in Utah after refusing to let group behind play through

Man Stabbed on Golf Course in Slow Play Dispute

Have you ever been so fed up with slow play on the golf course that it’s pushed you over the edge?

That’s what happened to 61-year-old Lee Johnson in Payson, Utah, south of Salt Lake City.

Johnson was playing golf with his wife and had to ask the group ahead of him to be let through, however they didn’t take it very well.

Lieutenant Bill Wright of Payson Police said that a fight broke out and the clubhouse security staff were called out to resolve the issue.

According to, a Salt Lake City news website, around the ninth hole Johnson and his wife caught up with part of the group and thought they would be allowed to play through, but again the group refused.

Man stabbed on Utah golf course

Image from the Payson Golf Course courtesy of Facebook

Johnson then pulled a pocket knife and stabbed one person, Wright said. He was wrestled to the ground by the other golfer from the group.

The victim was treated at hospital for non life-threatening injuries whilst Johnson was sent to the Utah County Jail.