Odyssey Versa putters introduced

The new Odyssey Versa putters utilise a new 'high contrast allingnment' system to improve accuracy.

Odyssey Versa Putter

When Odyssey launched the original White Hot 2-Ball putter in 2001, it set the ball rolling with alignment aid putters. The 2-Ball became the brand's top-selling putter of all time.

Now Odyssey is hoping its new line of Versa putters will represent the next breakthrough in putting alignment.

The black and white, high contrast Versa designs bring a sense of Yin and Yang to the putting green (Yin represents the dark and cold side of the universe in Chinese philosophy; Yang is light and hot).

The striking black and white designs are integral to Odyssey's new ‘High Contrast Alignment' system, and the company promises the visual contrast accentuates the face angle to the golfer's eye at address, which should enable golfers to line-up their putts with greater accuracy.

Odyssey designer Austie Rollinson explains that, "The human visual system is both sensitive to contrast and very good at complex tasks such as edge detection. We utilised both of these skills to create a very effective alignment aid."

The Versa line includes seven head shapes, from a narrow blade, and working up to a 2-Ball, and Odyssey promises a new laser milling process for its White Hot face inserts should improve consistency of strike.

All models come with a price tag of £119, other than the 2-Ball, which is recommended at £169.

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