Odyssey Metal-X putters

A product overview of Odyssey's Metal-X Putters

Metal-x-1 putter odyssey

The new Metal-X Putter series is the latest range from Odyssey.

Using feedback from tour players Odyssey have created the following putters:

The Metal-X #1 with a rounded heel-toe weighted blade and a mid-length, double-bend shaft with full-shaft offset.

The Metal-X #6 Putter with a squared off heel-toe weighted blade with a wide flange, a short slant-neck hosel and half-shaft offset.

The Metal-X #7 Putter with a modified mallet with weighted alignment wings, a double-bend shaft and full-shaft offset.

The metal-x insert is dual layered to put a consistent, true roll on the ball with amazing feedback and feel.

The 6061 aluminium layer has oval depressions to maximise the mechanical lock with golf ball dimples. This increases friction and helps to impart proper launch of the golf ball, ensuring there is a more consistent and controlled roll.

The midnight black finish provides a durable, glare-reduction finish designed especially based on feedback from tour players.

The thin Lamkin 3Gen Pistol Grip appeals to better players. The soft synthetic rubber reduces vibration allowing forearms to be more relaxed without dulling the feel of the putt.

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