Get fit for golf with Dyna-Band

Dyna-band unveils its innovative new golfing aid


With winter rearing its head, golfers all over the UK are donning their thermals and waterproof gear to fend off the unpleasant weather. As it gets colder, it is as equally important to make sure you warm up properly before your golf game.

The Dyna-Band is a new and innovative piece of equipment that is designed specifically for golfers of all handicaps and ages. The Dyna-Band uses resistance technology to strength muscles and improve reflexes.  

As a multi-purpose fitness aid, Dyna-band is a simple and flexible piece of equipment that uses the concept of resistance to strengthen and condition muscles.

By providing resistance for muscles to work against, the Dyna-Band can replicate every exercise that can be done in the gym or specific to the golf swing, but without the need of costly gym membership or a visit to the practice range.

The Dyna-Band comes with everything you need including two Dyna-Bands in stylish green and purple, an accessory pack and helpful, illustrated instruction booklet that ensures you get the most out of your new golfing aid.

The Dyna-band is also perfect for rehabilitation exercises for the injured golfer. For more information see or call 0845 3054131.

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