Zen Oracle Tour

It’s the World's first Tour Proven training system that’s also a Tour Proven putter



It?s the World's first Tour Proven training system that?s also a Tour Proven putter. Used by over 150 Pros and Top Coaches on the US & European Tour its been dubbed the "Putter with a Hole". In a world of ever expanding putter heads this one doesn't look too bizarre.


The Zen system comes with an array of drills that are designed to "imprint" the perfect putting mechanic into your game. Rather surprisingly, it also conforms to USGA and R&A rules so you can wield it safe in the knowledge that you aren?t thrown out of the tournament.


A very effective training device that you can use till you gain confidence on the prctice ground then take out onto the course with you. A solid performer in all areas but at £120 you'd hope so.


Quality time spent on the practice putting green is probably the best way to snip shots off your handicap. But rolling putts over the same patch of grass until you know the break like the back of your hand is a waste of time. To work on technique and feel you?ll need to develop an effective method and the Zen Oracle Tour Putter will help you do just that.

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