King Cobra Transition-S 4-SW £599 (s)

Design and Tech Benefits
This new integrated set seeks to bring high levels of forgiveness and launch assistance to golfers with moderate ball speeds via three distinct head designs ? utility metals, hybrid irons and wide-sole cavity-back irons. All boast high moments of inertia for stability and mis-hit forgiveness, plus deep centres of gravity to help get the ball up and away.

The concept may take a little getting used to visually ? much like Cleveland?s HiBore set from last year ? but all the clubs do exactly what they set out to do by providing excellent forgiveness throughout the set. As you?d expect, ball flight is high, but that?s the whole point ? to bring higher-launching shots within the grasp of those not blessed with tour-calibre swing speeds. Swallow your pride and give them a go if you know deep-down you need a little help in hitting decently-flighted golf shots. T: 01480 301114 W:


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