Snake Eyes 653D

Black 440cc titanium head with three adjustable rear weight cartridges

Snake Eyes 653D - £189 (g)

Design and Tech Benefits Black 440cc titanium head with three adjustable rear weight cartridges. The Reactive Cup Face?s thinner top section allows a larger contact area above the centre to increase ball velocity without increasing spin rate. Three movable weights in the rear (8g plus 2 x 2g) can be interchanged to promote various flight tendencies.

Additional weights ranging from 2g to 12g can be purchased to finetune weight configuration to your precise requirements.

Specs R/H only 9.5 deg, 10.5 deg 11.5 deg or 13.5 deg. Regular, stiff or Xstiff flex. 2008-compliant.

GM VERDICT We liked the sole design but as with previous Snake Eyes drivers we were never able to get much out of it. It had quite a dead feel off the face regardless of teeing height and we struggled for flight and distance.


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