Mizuno Airoframe Stand Bag £109

Design and Tech Benefits
Dragging a weighty bag round 18 grueling holes isn?t going to do your clubs much good. So manufactures are striving to come up with light, durable bags that protect your sticks and increase their life span. And this offering from Mizuno should to do all that while looking slick and smart in the process. The whole bag and its contents are completely supported by a single external aluminium frame. This allows the internal support rods, that come as standard in your average stand bag (which bash against your clubs scuffing graphite shafts) to be removed. And the stand and support have been joined together for improved durability. All this technology should treat your clubs like the precious commodities they are. And as an added extra there?s a front pouch that holds a roll up rain hood to keep your clubs dry in the wet.

For £109 you can look at the Mizuno Aeroframe as an investment, like a high tech security system to keep your clubs playing the way they were designed to. The smart blue design has a stylish modern look that everyone will like.
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