Benross WEBTex Sport suit waterproof jacket/trousers

A waterproof suit for less than £100

Benross WEBTex Sport suit £99

Details If you want to keep a good score in tact in the wet, a decent waterproof suit is as important a piece of equipment as anything. Your looking for one that keeps you dry, cool and doesn't look too bad either. This offering from Benross comes in stylish Royal Blue or Charcoal with a three year 100% waterproof guarantee.What's more at just £99 which - if you know waterproof suits - is an absolute bargain.

GM VERDICT What makes this suit great isn't as much that it keeps you dry in the wet - which it does well - it's more to do with the well designed added extras. The lower arms are detachable giving the option to take them off to make swinging a touch easier. The suit itself is also very breathable preventing under-suit sweat from ruining your game.


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