Where Would You Play Your Last Round And Why?

Where Would You Play Your Last Round And Why?
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The GM forum explains where they would play their last round of golf...

Where Would You Play Your Last Round And Why?

Rather than being overly morbid we quizzed our forum members to see where they would head to for that final 18 holes… and, while there are the obvious and familiar answers, there are also some beauties both in terms of courses and sentimentality.

Where Would You Play Your Last Round And Why?

Swinley Forest, no more words needed... Imurg

Gleneagles Kings. Every hole is interesting, every hole a challenge. Add in the scenery, beautiful, and the quality upkeep of the course, it is simply a fabulous place to play. Lord Tyrion

Swinley Forest must be up there but I would probably go for Royal County Down - the course is spectacular and the views are breathtaking. Liverpoolphil

A friend who organised our sweep died in 2016 after a brain tumour was found a few months previously. He played one of his last rounds (or it could have been his last) at our club, on his own and then had a beer in the bar. While this may sound a bit anti-social I can see the appeal of saying "Goodbye" to somewhere where you've spent so many happy hours with just your own thoughts and memories. RIP H. Humpy

The Old Course would have to be it....most all time greats choose to sign off from there, so I might as well join them. Then I'll drink myself silly in the Dunvegan. evemccc

Tralee, because it was the first course that I played that created that wow sensation, love it. bernix

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Little Hay golf complex. It's where I learned to play so a round there with my friends from home and a sausage sandwich in the bar after would be perfect to finish on. I haven't played there in years as well so shooting a good score there would bring some satisfaction (as would not having to wait 30 minutes for a lift home!!) Sam_R

Cleeve Hill, so much fun had, forgiving, enjoyable and great views. A round, views and walk to savour as your last and wont beat you up if you’re having a bad golfing day. DRW

Traigh – a summer’s evening round with the sun setting over the Hebridean Islands. Finish the round and walk onto the beach as the sun sets. saving_par

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Royal Bootle, played my first ever round there with my dad and the memories and thoughts I’d be having while playing would be perfect to close the book. pauldj42

Banff Springs; a more spectacularly beautiful course you will never find. Blue in Munich

Barnsley Municipal, because it is where I got my first par, my first birdie and where I first broke 100. And because I'm a sentimental old fool. Voyager EMH

Old Course, St Andrews. Nice summer day with a gentle breeze. Most importantly I must be playing with three mates. Hopefully play well, but if not wouldn’t care. richart

Moor Allerton in Leeds. Winning the Captain’s Prize and getting my name on the honours board, up with my late father’s. slowhand

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If somebody would help me climb the first three holes, Pitlochry. Some wonderful memories of great days with great mates there. Wonderful scenery, and a warm welcome. Followed by high tea. Cushty. And goodnight. Smiffy

I would go for Darenth Valley in Kent just for the fact we had a family and friends society there for 14 years and had many good memories. Rilburnside

On the basis that I would hope that my last round would be when I’m very old, I’d like to be playing a lovely course which is easy to get around. So I’d choose Swinley, which isn’t particularly hilly, or Little Aston, which is closer to home. JamesR

Gullane No. 3 would have been my choice But sadly I never got round to it and I have given my clubs to my grandson. Doon frae Troon

Dunkeld & Birnam. Dunkeld is where mum was from, and we had many holidays camping in a field of a farmer friend adjacent to the (old) 8th hole. It was where I was a junior (holiday) member - my first membership with my brother and dad. Mum and sis would also sometimes walk with us as the course has beautiful views over Dunkeld and surrounding hills of the Perthshire countryside and The Loch of the Lowes. Many, many happy memories of golfing times and my parents now gone. SwingsitlikeHogan

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It would have to be Sunningdale Old for me, summer’s evening with food on the patio after. Then, go and see what is next... Started things in that part of the world...might as well finish there too. IanM

Hill Top muni on a Saturday when they've taken green fees and just told everyone to crack on with no booked times. Death would be welcomed after that. Bazzatron

The Elysian Fields. I could play the real one, move on and hope they have 18 holes at the mythical one. Golfnut1957

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