What Is The Wolf Golf Game?

The Wolf Golf Game is a fun way of spicing up your regular fourball

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What Is The Wolf Golf Game?

The Wolf golf game is a format for four golfers. The golfers are arranged into a different team for each hole. On one side is the Wolf, who may take a partner; on the other side are the remaining two or three golfers.

There are various variations to the rules of the Wolf golf betting game, in particular when it comes to scoring points. But, in essence, one player is designated the Wolf before each hole, and this is decided by rotation. The Wolf then decides whether to hunt alone against his three opponents or in partnership with one of them. The hole is won by whichever team has the better ball score.

Before the round an order is established, as to who will be players 1 to 4. Player 1 tees off on then first hole followed by player 2, 3 and 4. This rotation is maintained throughout the round, so that on the second hole it is player 2 who tees off first, followed by 3, 4 and 1 in that order.

The player who tees off last is the Wolf. He chooses whether to play alone or to play with one of the others. He can make this decision at various set times. When he does it determines what the stake is.

The Wolf can decide to to go it alone before anyone has played a tee shot. This makes that player the Blind Wolf.

The Wolf can decide to go it alone having seen the other three tee off, so becoming the Lone Wolf.

Or the Wolf can decide to hunt in a pack by taking a partner. The Wolf is only allowed to choose a partner after that person has played their drive and before the next drive is taken. (This stops the Wolf from being able to watch all the other three tee of and simply choosing to play with the player who hit the best drive.)

Points systems vary, but a common feature to all of them is that Blind Wolves earn more points than Lone ones who in turn earn more points than a Wolf hunting in a pack. If a Wolf loses a hole, then the Wolf’s opponents wins points; so, too, does the Wolf’s partner if the Wolf wins a hole hunting in a pack.

Another key variation is what happens on holes 17 and 18 as by then all four players have been Wolf four times. Some variations award the position of Wolf to those who are 1st and 2nd at this juncture; others to those who are losing.

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