Miss Piggy

Ever heard someone call your shot a "Anna Kournikova," or a "Tony Blair"? Find out what is means on our list of Top 8 Nicknames for Golf Shots

Golf can be a frustrating game. To deal with the constant shanks, three-putts, and duffers, we use humour to help ourselves feel better. So next time one of your mates has a massive lip out, don't be afraid to call it a Mick Jagger. Here's the top ones to try out.

1. A Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy

A shot that's fat, but holds onto the green. Suggested Usage: You got lucky with that Miss Piggy, but at least you're putting!" 2. The Moped


One that gets you there, but you're not very proud of it "That moped stayed in the ropes but that was ugly." 3. The Mrs Robinson

Mrs Robinson

You know you shouldn't take it on, but it's just too tempting "I know I don't have the club for this but that Mrs Robinson looks too good to pass up." 4. The Tony Blair

Tony Blair

A succession of poor lies (many other politicians also used for this...Bill Clinton, George Bush) "Another one in the grunch, nothing but Tony Blairs for you today, mate." 5. Joe Pesci

Joe Pesci

 A nasty five footer "Take a second to read that one, it's a real Joe Pesci." 6. The Red October

Red October

In the water, but can't find it. "That Red October is gone forever. Don't try to hike up your trousers to go hit from there. It's gone." 7. The Ryanair

Red October

It flies OK, but landed miles away "Well, you were aiming for the green, but that Ryanair ended up 30 yards short. Club up!" 8. The Son-in-law

Son in law

Not all you hoped for, but it'll have to do (To your daughter) "That 8 you took back there was a real son-in-law... Disappointing and not good enough for you."


A US native, Taylor enjoys hacking from the rough and scrambling to save bogey on a par 3. Follow Taylor on Twitter @taylorumland