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Is your life controlled by golf or do you know someone with a golf addiction? Many golfers know they have a problem but don't know where to start, so we're here to help!

Is your life controlled by golf or do you know someone with a golf addiction? To find out if you're dealing with a golf addiction, you must first answer a few questions...

Examine Your Behaviour

Do you feel empty if you're forced to miss your regular tee time? Do you often golf alone, or watch golf alone? Have you ever lied about playing golf or about how often you play? Have you ever suffered a golf injury? Do you continue to play golf despite never being satisfied? Does golf interfere with your eating or sleeping? Has your job or family life suffered from the effects of your golf? Do you put buying new golf equipment ahead of your other financial responsibilities?

If you answered yes to some of the questions above, read on...

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Don't let your desperate urge to play golf lead you into trouble with the law

Admit You Have A Problem

You are not responsible for your disease, but only you can start the long road to recovery. Start by telling another person you have a problem, but ensure that person isn't a member of your regular roll-up or the club's barman. You must also stop blaming other people and great golf courses for your addiction, and take some personal responsibility.

Play Less

This will prove very difficult, while going cold turkey will feel near impossible. Start with small steps, such as only playing three times a week, then the next week play just twice and so on. If you replace golf with other activities like going to the gym or the cinema, or running the country you're President of, it will also help with the feelings of withdrawal you'll likely experience.

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Donald Trump arrives in his helicopter at Trump International Golf Links

Ask For Help

From your friends and family to your club professional, form a support group that can guide you and direct you to others who may have come through what you're currently experiencing.

Forgive The Odd Relapse

If you find yourself pulled towards your local driving range on a visit to the shops or arranging work meetings with clients at the golf course don't worry, most addicts suffer with the odd relapse during their recovery. If you do fall back into your old ways, you must admit to yourself what is going on and then speak to others who can help you find your way.

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President Donald Trump holding one of many golf course press conferences

Remember That No One Is Perfect

While you can make great progress changing the things you have control over, you must learn to accept the things that you can't control. For one, you must realise you might never be able to play golf again without risking a relapse. It's also no good fretting over the novelty golf gifts that you will receive at Christmas. Focus on the positives and the other tips above, and we're confident you can cure you golf addiction.

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