10 Simple Beginner Golfer Mistakes

10 simple beginner golfer mistakes and how to avoid making them

10 Mistakes Every Golfer Makes

It's easy to make mistakes when you're starting out in this game. Golf is hard. Here are 10 simple beginner golfer mistakes - and how to avoid making them.

10 Simple Beginner Golfer Mistakes

Few sports are quite as technical as golf - it's a hard game to master.

On top of the swing mechanics, there's all the equipment to consider. It can all be rather intimidating.

We've identified 10 simple beginner golfer mistakes, and how to avoid making them. For anyone new to the game, this will help you to get on the right track.

1. Using The Wrong Clubs

This is probably the biggest mistake beginners make before even swinging golf club - and it's perfectly understandable.

If you're new to golf, the equipment side of the game is a lot to grasp.

Realistically, you're not going to get custom fitted for a full set of clubs before you've tried the game.

However, there comes and time - and we recommend doing it sooner rather than later - when you should get fitted for a set of clubs which are right for your swing.

In this game, we're allowed to blame our tools. So, pop in to the pro shop, or visit the professional at your local driving range, and get the ball rolling.

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2. Swinging Too Hard

We have plenty of golf tips and advice from our Top 25 Coaches within our instruction section, so we'll avoid getting too technical right here.

Everyone likes to give the ball a good smack, but that doesn't necessarily equate to more distance.

You'll hear the pros talk about tempo. True, they generate a lot of swing speed, but the best ball strikers have superb rhythm, too.

3. Playing From The Incorrect Tees

It's okay to be competitive and set yourself testing goals. However, be realistic when you're starting out.

Playing off the back markers is the ultimate test. If you're a beginner, however, playing off the tips can turn into a bit of a slog.

So, enjoy a quicker round by playing off the forward tees, just like so many accomplished players do.

10 Simple Beginner Golfer Mistakes

Don't grip the club too tight

4. Trouble Gripping The Club 

A good, reliable golf grip will enable you to deliver the club square to the intended target at impact.

There are three types of grip - overlapping, interlocking and baseball style. There's no right or wrong way to grip a club, as such, but newcomers can get a little muddled with the basics.

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5. Gripping The Club Too Tightly

The golf grip. So simple, yet so many of our struggles can be traced back to the way we hold the club.

Too lightly? Problems. Too tightly? Problems. Beginners tend to struggle with the latter, often because of tension.

In this scenario, it makes it hard to complete a full shoulder turn, so you lose power and fluidity.

Imagine you're helping a child cross the road. You want to hold their hand securely, but not so tight it will hurt them.

6. Poor Alignment

Even the pros slip into bad habits, which is why they factor in time during practice to check the basics, of which alignment is one.

Most of the time, beginners - unbeknown to them - will not be aiming at their intended target.

Too far left is a common one. As a result, when you swing through, there's a tendency to cut across the ball. Welcome to the 'slicers club'.

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7. Poor Practice

We're not just pointing the finger at beginners here - we are all guilty of it... well, most of us.

However, newbies tend to grab a club - usually the driver - head to the range, and hit a bunch of balls without a goal.

It's the thrill of crushing a driver which appeals - but bad habits are often grooved fairly early on in a golfers' life.

Remember, practise with purpose.

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8. Avoiding Lessons

Which brings us on to the subject of lessons.

If you catch the golf bug, we recommend a course of lessons with a qualified PGA professional.

The reason - as mentioned above - is that should you develop bad habits early, they can become hard to get rid of.

Having lessons can be intimidating, but it's still one of the quickest ways to improve.

9. Teeing The Ball Up Too High

It's tempting to perch the ball up as high as possible on a tee peg.

Your head is telling you this will be the easiest way to get the ball airborne.

However, it makes it harder to find the centre of the clubface, so you'll actually end up getting more poor contacts.

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10 Simple Beginner Golfer Mistakes

A loud shot of Fore! from Jordan Spieth Credit: Getty Images

10. Not Shouting 'Fore!'

No one expects you to know every single rule. Really, if you're a beginner, just be mindful of basic etiquette.

If there's any danger that your ball is heading towards a fellow golfer/group of golfers, let them know with a nice, loud shot. It's good for the lungs.

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