Get Your Golf Referee Qualification Online

Brush up on your golf rules knowledge and get your qualification online.

Brush up on your golf rules knowledge and get your qualification online

Get Your Golf Referee Qualification Online

These challenging times present the perfect opportunity for us all to brush up on our Rules knowledge, irrespective of your ability level, says Chris Wallace, R&A Rules manager.

Golf is a self-regulating game and it’s the responsibility of all golfers to apply the Rules when playing, so a sound knowledge of the basics will allow you to deal with the situations you most regularly encounter out on the course. Knowing how to proceed correctly may even save you a few shots as well!

For those looking to get started on the Rules, there are a number of free and easy-to-access resources available via the R&A website and the Rules of Golf app to help all golfers learn, understand and apply the Rules of the game.

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The R&A Rules Academy is an online resource for golfers of all levels, which provides an interesting and easy way to learn the basics using diagrams, videos and illustrations.

Participants can learn the fundamentals and test themselves with the most commonly occurring Rules situations, such as how to take relief for an unplayable ball, what options are available when your ball is in a penalty area and what you can and cannot do in a bunker or on the putting green.

All learning materials are free and you can work through at your own pace and take revision questions to test your understanding of the basics. There is also an optional exam at the end for those who want to try for the Level 1 Rules certificate.

Among a number of other resources available, the online Visual Search and Rules Quizzes are two of the more popular Rules education tools.

Sign Up To The Rules Academy To Have A Chance To Take Your R&A Level 1 Exam (opens in new tab)

Download the Rules of Golf App here (opens in new tab)

The Visual Search allows players to find the applicable Rule relating to a situation more easily by allowing the player to simply select where their ball is on a virtual hole (i.e. in a bunker or a penalty area) and providing a list of the most common Rules situations in these areas of the course.

The online Rules Quiz allows players to test their knowledge at either ‘beginner’, ‘intermediate’ or ‘advanced’ level through an 18-question quiz. There’s also an option to download a set of tailored Rules questions if, for example, you’re running a Rules evening at your club.

As well as the online offerings, the 2019 Rules of Golf app is also a useful tool for anyone looking to improve their Rules knowledge.

As well as having the comprehensive Rules of the game at your fingertips, it also includes a number of diagrams, quizzes and how-to videos that help to explain the Rules and give guidance for many common situations.

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