After returning from a fun-filled trip to France skiing with my school, I was eager to be back on the golf course and have the round I had been dreaming about. After unpacking my clothes, avoiding my parent’s questions and slipping on my golf gear I was finally at home – the first tee.

I set up to the ball, expecting my usual shot straight down the fairway. I began my swing, full of confidence and anticipation. My shot complete, I waited a few seconds and looked up to see my ball slice into the trees and end up in the middle of the road, just avoiding a Range Rover!

I felt shocked as to what had gone wrong remembering two weeks ago when the ball only went straight. I thought this was a mere fluke and continued my round. The same thing occurred again and again, leaving me frustrated and clueless. I just couldn’t understand what had gone wrong. After cursing going skiing, I knew the problem was a deep one and started to reconstruct my swing.

At first I could see no difference until I spent the following morning in the nets. When I was drawing back the club, all my weight suddenly went onto to my left leg instead of my right. This was due to the fact that I favoured my left leg whilst skiing as my right ski boot was a bit loose, resulting in me transferring my body weight to my left leg. Once I transferred my weight back to the right it all began to make sense again and finally the ball returned to a straight path. That said, I’m still wondering whether I should go on the ski trip again next year…

Where next?

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