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Work Experience has been enjoyable over these past two weeks, nearly coming to a close I have been thinking about my time here

My name's Ross Ellis, I am 15-years-old and have been fortunate enough to do my work experience at Golf Monthly for the past two weeks. These are the edited highlights of my time here.

Work Experience has been enjoyable day by day, there has been fun and a few games and of course a lot of work, but what actually goes on at GM?

‘The Blue Fin Building' sounds intimidating on your first day. Especially when you walk in to be greeted by a security officer who could crush you with one of his fingers. But this is where Golf Monthly is based, a great modern building all shiny glass and metal.

After you get past with your very own security card you come to the lifts, it may sound stupid but these are not your normal ones. There are two banks of six but only one set takes you to your floor. it can be confusing, apparently there are still people who struggle to get in the right ones...

Once you stumble across the 9th floor avoiding the putters and drivers that are strewn about, you finally get to your desk. Here you will also find everyone else who works for GM - from the office clown to the binge tea drinker, they are all there ready to bark orders at me.

Now tea making is a big issue with who wants one sugar, two sugars, dark, white, strong or weak. Morale goes down in the camp if I get it wrong. The canteen run is also just as important remembering lattés, all types of danish and I can't forget my own bacon bagel.

Now many of you I am sure have heard about the mythical equipment cupboard. When I was taken to see this cupboard for the first time I was slightly disappointed by its plain exterior, but my eyes lit up when I went inside. There are all manner of clubs there. However when I was told I would be cleaning it up I wasn't so excited, now that was a long day! Who would have thought that sorting all irons, drivers, putters and woods would be such a hard task?

When it gets to three o'clock, attention turns to the World Cup and this is very important for some people. Some even fill in a wall chart like an excited ten year old, but that's their choice I suppose, they are still denying having a sticker book though!

Nearing the end of the day, all you can hear is frantic keyboard typing and mouse clicking as deadlines draw ever closer. Sighs are heard from a far as they finish for the day and the week ready for the long hot journey home! Maybe there is just enough time for a spot of corridor cricket or even a round on the GM putting green.

Great fun guys and thanks for all the advice... same time next year?

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