Acting Up: Golf addict

From awkward putting lines to remembering his lines via encounters with fascinating on and off-course characters, new Golf Monthly blogger George Asprey is here to entertain you...

?Believe me George? barked Mike Harris, editor of Golf Monthly, ?Zach Johnson will win the Masters before I allow you to write a blog on our website.?

So here I am: actor, golf addict and now blog writer for Golf Monthly.

As you may or may not know, I am currently playing slick lawyer Billy Flynn in the national tour of Chicago The Musical. Being the only golfer in the company I?m in desperate need of people to play with. So if Chicago is coming to a theatre near you and you fancy a round with a golf obsessed, slightly eccentric, but very well-mannered actor, then mail me at the address below and we?ll arrange a game. The ensuing events and my thoughts on your course will then be posted in that week?s blog.

There will be weeks when I?m in a state of FITSNoGA (Family In Tow So No Golf Allowed). During these weeks I?ll tell you about some of the wonderful courses and characters I?ve encountered so far on the tour. (These include Prestwick, a golfing sadist and your classic driving range bore).

Fans of the Radio 4 quiz show I?m Sorry I Haven?t A Clue will be familiar with the game ?Translations? where a word is taken and given an altogether different meaning. I thought it might be fun to come up with some ?Golfing Translations?. For example:

Justin Rose ? a badly planted flower

Maxfli ? a very large zipper

Yonex ? a place for yo scarves

I tried to think one up for the FedEx Cup, but realised it couldn?t be made any more ridiculous than it already was.

As you can see, I?m truly appalling at this game, so maybe you could mail in a few suggestions and I?ll post the best ones each week.

Hopefully this will be a blog by the readers, about the readers, for the readers. An interactive blog for today?s online golfer ? and if you think this is merely an excuse for me to play more guilt-free golf, then you?d be absolutely right. But hey ? what?s wrong with that?

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