Stats: 6,871 yds, par 72, SSS 73
GF: £160
Visitor information: No restrictions
: 80 (up 2)
Improvements since 2010 Rankings:

Course: 45 year-old trees planted in places – 4th hole plays more of dogleg now with the fairway moved left, tree moved and replanted and three big trees on right- 6th hole bunker placed behind back of green which involved a lot of earth movement – 7th hole par 3 is now all over water – 11th green extended at the back and bunkers removed -12th hole trees planted at back of green to enclose hole -13th hole fairway moved left towards OOB and Scots pines planted on right to move fairway 10 yards left from tee

Panellists’ Comments: “When playing a course I always think would I enjoy being a member here and play the course on a regular basis and the answer here would be a resounding yes!”; “The premier golfing destination in the Midlands and one that will test all your golfing skills to the full”; “The greens are spectacularly good.”

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