The Arccos Caddie Link has been chosen for our Editor's Choice List in 2021.

Arccos Caddie Link

Arccos is truly changing the level at which golfers understand their games. Gone are the days of scribbling down the number of greens in regulation or fairways hit – it isn’t good enough for the pros and it shouldn’t be good enough for you either.

Arccos Caddie Link

Realistic Information

Through on-course shot tracking, golfers can learn exactly how far each club goes as well as where strengths and weaknesses lie.

The Arccos Caddie Link plays a big role in this. It’s a shot-tracking device that can be easily worn on your belt, waistband or pocket that seamlessly connects with Arccos Caddie sensors and the Arccos Caddie app and automatically records shot data, removing the need to carry a phone during play.

It also provides the ability for a player to mark the hole location by simply pushing the main button while standing next to the pin for more accurate putting stats.

Compact And Lightweight

The device is small and so lightweight that you really don’t notice it during play. We have used the Caddie Link for over 20 rounds now and it has had almost 100 per cent shot detection success, a definite improvement on the previous method of having your phone in your pocket while also being less obtrusive.

In truth, the Arccos Caddie Link is only a piece of the puzzle. It works in conjunction with Smart Sensors or Smart Grips to seamlessly generate data, but it is then what Arccos does with that data that is truly fascinating.

Its new Stroke Gained Analysis platform makes complicated stats simple. It gives you your Top 3 insights show clear path to improve, breaks down each facet of your game and provides trend analysis of your rounds. You can even receive tailored tips from world-class pros.

Arccos can help you during your round to with its Caddie Rangefinder feature that shows you actual distances adjusted for slope and real-time weather conditions. It can even recommend clubs to use on certain shots based on your own previous play and that of other Arccos users.

With all this technology and some exciting updates planned for the rest of 2021, the Arccos Caddie Link is a system that has huge potential in helping golfers lower their handicap.

Arccos Caddie Link