The Inesis 100 Seven Club Beginner Set has been chosen for our Editor's Choice List in 2021.

Inesis 100 Seven Club Beginner Set

You don’t have to spend big money on golf equipment to get you started – it can be done on a pretty tight budget. One way to kit yourself out if you’re a beginner is to go for a package set, and this half set ticks a lot of boxes.

Inesis 100 Seven Club Beginner Set

Consistent Performance

For £169.99, you get seven clubs: driver, hybrid, 6/7 iron, 8/9 iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge and putter. Decathlon has done a good job creating the simple, classic look that so many golfers like, but it’s how each club performed that really impressed us.

Starting with the driver, the 460cc head is generous to look down on. It sits slightly closed, which should appeal to beginners, many of who struggle with a slice. It also has a lot of loft (14 degrees) and just like the 22-degree hybrid, it had a stable feel, was easy to launch and produced consistent results.

The compromise comes when you only have two irons to play, with a strong 7-iron and strong 9-iron, which means there will be times when you have to try and take distance off, or go a bit harder with a certain club. However, with a mid size top line and wide sole, these irons provide beginners with something that’s probably a little more important when jut starting out – confidence at address, and extra assistance getting the ball up and away.

Surprisingly Soft Feel

We also enjoyed the feel, especially in the irons, which are an attractive dark grey and frame the ball really nicely. A soft, buttery feel is something you associate with premium clubs, but these set felt really smooth, too. Whilst the putter appears a little basic, it’s something you could get used to. In fact, beginners should settle into this set really quickly.

Inesis 100 Seven Club Beginner Set