Ping G425 Iron

The Ping G425 iron has made made our Editor's Choice List in 2021.

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The Ping G425 iron, part of the outstanding G425 club range, has made made our Editor's Choice List in 2021.

Ping G425 Iron

Ping G-series irons have always delivered exceptional levels of distance and forgiveness and this latest model is no different. The Ping G425 iron offers a powerful feel with a consistent, strong flight.

For those seeking increased consistency, a confidence-inspiring look and a good degree of forgiveness, the G425 irons are one of the best options on the market this year.

The look of the irons is similar to the G410 that they replace, but the aesthetics are more understated, and this heightens their appeal. They definitely look like more of a premium club and are visually appealing sitting in the bag as well as behind the ball.

Ping G425 Irons

Pleasing Sensations

A multi-material cavity badge covers more of the face to dampen undesirable frequencies and ensure a pleasing feel and sound.

The G425 irons feature a water-repelling hydropearl chrome finish that helps with consistency from the rough by preventing “flyers.”

All Ping G425 clubs will come with Arccos Caddie Smart Grips (Golf Pride Lite 360 Tour Velvet) as standard in one of four sizes, so you can monitor performance.

Consistent Flights

In our full review we found the irons produced a strong flight and less spin than its predecessor – and a little more distance to boot.

They’re also a touch easier to shape shots with, partly down to the slightly shorter blade length.

The clubhead stays pretty square through impact, even with heel or toe strikes. That means much more consistency on those minor mishits.

The feel off the centre of the face is explosive with a good sound – less of a click than with the G410. It invites you to hit powerful shots.

These irons will suit the golfer looking to gain a little distance and consistency. Powerful, with good ball flight, the G425 is one of the best game improvement irons out there in 2021.

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Ping G425 Irons

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