Fergus Bisset

Contributing Editor

More than a game: A secure performance

Contending with the January weather, nigh on impossible navigation and the threat of terrorism, playing good golf is seriously challenging.

More than a game: A Happy New Year

The Alliance re-starts after the winter break. Conditions are not ideal but Fergus is feeling inspired. Can he get off to a flier in 2007?

More than a game: A competitive Christmas

One significant trophy is still up for grabs in 2006. The competitors have spent a full year preparing and the coveted title is sure to be hotly contested.

More than a game: The dawn of a new era

There are no more Alliance competitions in 2006 so Fergus has had some time to reflect on a few wider life-issues and a significant imminent event.

More than a game: Office politics

Despite the biting Scottish winter, Golf Monthly's contributing editor Fergus Bisset is on a mission to play through the wind, rain and snow and report back to us in his…

More than a game: Office politics

Although he has to endure it on a frequent basis, Fergus hates losing. This week he examines the old dilemma, should you try to beat your boss?

More than a game: A great discovery

Golf through the Aberdeenshire winter can be a touch on the chilly side. Perhaps Fergus has identified a solution to this meteorological challenge.

More than a game: Going cold turkey

No golf makes Fergus a very cross boy. This week he's going through a punishing golfing de-tox and the side-effects are starting to kick in.

More than a game: The weather turns

Not only does Fergus have to contend with adverse weather conditions but he's also locked in an eternal struggle with his arch-enemy: Lady Luck.

More than a game: A gritty performance

The gritty golfer never admits defeat. We will fight them on the greens, we will fight them in the bunkers. We will never surrender.

More than a game: To pastures new

You take the high road and I'll take the low road and I'll be making double bogeys at East Aberdeenshire afore ye.

More than a game: Arboreal adventures

Firing off line into the forest tends to result in lost shots. It's pretty annoying when your playing partner seems to thrive on such woodland sojourns.

More than a game: High hopes

A new winter season, a new hope. The levels of blind optimism displayed by Fergus never fail to astonish. Will he be brought down to earth?

Fergus Bisset

Golf Monthly's contributing editor Fergus Bisset is on a mission to lower his handicap and he'll be regularly updating us on his ups and downs in his new blog. Here…

Big Guns Praise Wentworth Changes

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