Hole 6 Foot Putts

Golf Monthly Top 25 coach Keith Williams explains how to hole more 6ft putts

Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Keith Williams offers some great advice on how to hole 6 foot putts

Instructional: Hole 6 foot Putts


You're missing too many crucial par putts

You often miss on the low side of the hole


Six-foot putts are crucial, because if you can regularly hole these you'll maintain your momentum. This drill is designed to help you groove a better stroke, while also gaining a feel for how subtle breaks can affect short putts. Here, I've found a dead-straight six-footer, and have created a tunnel using two clubs through which the ball will travel to the hole.

Start by hitting a series of putts through the corridor - this is a great way to see if you are setting the ball rolling on the intended line. Once you feel happy with that, find a putt with a subtle break and aim the shafts at the high side of the hole. Hit the ball through the shafts and let it take the break at the end and go into the hole.

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This shows how the break has a much bigger effect, the slower the ball is moving. You should be able to hit the ball straight through the shafts, with the ball only breaking at the end.


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