The body is the engine of the golf swing. These tour player connection and sequence drills are designed to improve the way the arms and body work together for greater power and accuracy.

Golf Swing Tips Videos

Peter Uihlein – Right Arm Connection Drill

For a simple, repeatable and more consistent golf swing you want your arms and body to work together. That’s what Uihlein is aiming for with this drill. He places a glove under his right arm. This keeps his right elbow more connected to his torso as he swings back. It is one of the most classic tour player connection and sequence drills, and it work to simplify the swing, keeping the club on plane and the arms working with the body.

Julien Quesne – Left Arm Connection Drill

The same theory applies to the drill being used by Julien Quesne but for the left arm. It also differs in that whereas Uihlein was concerned with his connection on the way back, Quesne is looking to ensure his body and arms work together through the ball. If your left arm moves away from your body during the downswing, you’ll make inconsistent, weak strikes.

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Julien Quesne – Pause Drill

Quesne also pauses at the top of his backswing. This is all about sequencing. He wants to ensure that his upper and lower body unwind in the correct sequence during the downswing. Pausing at the top ensures the transition from backswing to downswing is as smooth as possible.

Graeme McDowell – Heavy Club Warm-Up

This is a popular warm-up technique but it is also one our tour player connection and sequence drills. By adding weight to the club, you are forced to activate all your core muscles. As you feel your core working, your arms respond to what your body is doing. McDowell also pauses at the top to feel the powerful resistance between his upper and lower body.

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Chris Wood – Pitching Connection Drill

With a shorter club in hand, it is often the case that golfers start ‘flicking’ at the ball, only using the arms for the swing. Chris Woods avoids this by placing a towel under both arms. This ensures that he rotates his body effectively to create the momentum in his swing for a much more consistent action.