Check your swing plane at home

Wet outside? Maybe it’s snowing or maybe you just can’t find the time to get to the golf course? Fear not, here’s a top drill for how to check your swing plane at home that will help you get your swing on a neutral plane for far more consistent golf shots.

Swing plane check

If you have a full or ¾ length mirror at home, this drill is great for checking your swing path. Place some masking tape on the mirror at the same angle and position as I have done here. Swing to the top and then start down. A perfectly orthodox delivery will see the clubhead moving along this line on the way down. Obviously, some of the world’s best players are slightly above or below this plane but as with everything in golf, it pays to know what neutral looks like and having a checkpoint will prevent you from getting destructively out of position on the way down.

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Grip check

Often when players think about checking their grip, they look at the right hand. They see the v between the thumb and forefinger is pointing to the right shoulder and think their hands are in the correct position. But what about your left hand?

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This, in my experience, is where most mistakes are made. To get your left hand into the right position, start by letting it hang down naturally by your side – notice how the palm is facing in. Now place your left hand on the club, your thumb should run down the right side of the club. To check that you’re in the correct position place something in the v between your thumb and forefinger – I’m holding an alignment stick to better illustrate but you can use a pencil. It should point towards your right shoulder.