World’s First Adjustable Ball Marker Tested

Trident Align is the world’s first fully adjustable ball marker and has been deemed legal for tournament play by USGA and R&A. Why would you need to adjust the line on your ball marker, I hear you ask?

Well firstly, it allows the golfer to begin fine-tuning the aim of their putt even when the ball is not in place on the ground. The Trident Align has a fairly weighty black base and sitting on top is the adjustable white section, which can slide round to the left or right.

The idea being that you are able to do the lining up you would normally do with the ball standing over your marker while others are putting out, in theory speeding up play. In reality though, there aren’t many situations where you would be able to do this without putting off one of your playing partners.


The second benefit of the Trident shape is that it ensures the long line is exactly parallel to the ground. For a golfer using a line on their golf ball to putt, the line sitting at 90° is critical. If the line is tilted or rotated in either direction it effects how and where the golfer percieves their aim to be when they stand over the putt. The square shape that is created between the ball and marker ensures this 90° position is replicated.

This is a clever design that gives you the confidence that the line is positioned correctly, although it can be difficult to get the ball sit in exactly the position you want it to when putting it back.

Visually, there’s a lot going on with the markings on your ball, which could put you off a little on shots taken away from the green. That said, the system is especially helpful on the greens and well worth trying for golfers that struggle with their aim or starting the ball on their intended line.

We also like the extra clubface line, which helps set the face perpendicular to the long alignment line.

The Trident Align costs around £25, quite alot for a ball marker, but for this you get a 25mm marker coin, the stencil tool, a marker pen and a carrying pouch. Annoyingly, the lid of the pen doesn’t secure to the other end when in use like it does with a Sharpie, but I have been informed that Sharpie will be supplying the pens from the next production run moving forwards.

For golfers that like to use a line on their ball when putting, or are tempted to do so, the visual effectiveness of the trident shape alone makes it one of the best systems around. The amount you actually use the adjustability will be fairly limited, but it will come in handy when you can use it and it should speed up the time in taken in your pre-shot routine when it is your turn to play.