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Jezz Ellwood

Handicap: 5

Home Club: Holtye

Mizuno #YourGame2016 goal: To get down to 4 for the first time.

I’m probably close to maximising my potential, but like many, I still harbour golfing ambitions. Good chances to get down to 4 in the last few years have been frittered away and my iron play needs to improve if I’m to make it. I hope my Mizuno fitting will prove the missing link.

In recent years my driving has become pretty reliable – not massively long but in play more often than not off the tee. If I can then get it up somewhere near the green, my chipping and putting is usually pretty dependable too.


Without doubt my iron play, especially my full wedge play. I don’t hit enough greens and certainly don’t hit it close enough with my full wedges to give myself the birdie chances I need to offset my mistakes.