10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before A Golf Club Fitting

If you are buying new clubs we would always recommend that you get fitted but you need to go armed with the correct information for the fitter.

By asking yourself the following 10 questions you should be in a much better position to walk away with the right clubs for your game!

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before A Golf Club Fitting

10. What is the weakest area of your game?

This perhaps sounds quite negative but with many of these questions it is about being honest with yourself and telling the fitter.

Whether it be your wedge play, ball-striking or the longer clubs in the bag, it is in your best interests to tell the fitter because they are trying to help your golf game.

9. Where do you play?

This is very important to think about because you will either play a lot of golf in a variety of places, or you will tend to focus on one golf course.

If you fall into the latter camp, then you need to think about the demands of that golf course. Whether it be the wind, turf, layout, or countless other course conditions, these pieces of knowledge are worth telling to your fitter.

8. Are you taking lessons and is your handicap coming down?

We all play golf to get better but this question relates to how seriously you are taking the task.

It might well be that the professional advising you at the time is also someone to advise you on any equipment changes so that they work in tune with any swing changes you are trying to make.

To that point it also makes sense to get fitted into clubs that can be adjusted so they best suit your swing as it changes.

7. How important are the looks and the feel of the golf club to you?

To some extent we all want a set of clubs that look good in the bag but far more important is the look at address. Are they forgiving and do they inspire you with confidence? If so the chances are your swings with those clubs will be better than any alternative.

Another thing to note is about feel. If you are getting fitted indoors then it is quite hard to get a sense of the differences in feel, it is a lot easier outside. Therefore if feel is very important to you then we recommend asking to hit clubs outside too just to get an idea of the sound and feel.

Giving the fitter as much information as possible is vitally important

6. Is the make-up of the set likely to change?

This stems from the fact that modern day irons are becoming stronger and stronger in loft which can cause issues in gapping especially at the bottom end of the bag.

Therefore if you are getting fitted for irons you might have to make tweaks at the top and bottom of the bag to make sure the gapping measurements are to your liking.

5. Do you have one consistent shot shape or do you prefer to hit different types of shots? 

This is very important because it can have a huge impact on the irons you walk away with in particular.

If you do like to hit different shots with your irons then tell the fitter, and likewise if you have one fairly consistent shot shape this is worth telling the fitter also. The more information you gave the better the outcome will be.

4. How much are you willing to spend? 

Before going to a fitting, work out what your budget is and the only way to do that is to do some research on prices, reviews and other information.

At Golf Monthly we test the vast majority of golf clubs in our reviews section of the website so that could definitely be worth checking out.

Additionally it is worth noting the stock and after-market shafts on offer just so you avoid any nasty surprises when it does come time to pay.

3. What would make a bigger difference to your scoring – hitting the ball further, or straighter? 

This is particularly important when getting fitted for woods. In a fitting the chances are you will hit the ball further because fitters are very good at eking out more yards, but it is worth bearing in mind if you feel like more accuracy could make a difference then tell that to your fitter.

2. What is your go-to shot? 

Another vitally important piece of information relates to the shot you play when you need it most. For this we recommend picturing yourself on the hardest hole of the course you play most often and think about the swing and shot shape you want to make on that hole.

During the fitting try to recreate that and put a bit of pressure on your shoulders. Then hit that shot just to gain an idea of how comfortable you feel when trying to hit your go-to shot.

1. Where do you most commonly miss? 

This is probably the most important question you need to ask yourself.

If you are more likely to miss right than left, or vice-versa then tell the fitter because they can do something to the setup of the club to help.


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