Find the x factor power move

Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Kevin Craggs reveals how to increase your swing speed for improved power and distance off the tee

Golf tips: inject some power
Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Kevin Craggs on how to get more driving power
(Image credit: Tom Miles)

Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Kevin Craggs explains how to find the x factor power move to create more speed through impact for extra yards

There are certain occasions when a little extra power off tee could help you reach a par 5 in two and this is why you need to find the x factor power move. However, swinging harder at the ball is a risky option - you might lose your timing as well as your accuracy.

Instead, try to focus on the mechanics of the swing that generate speed and more distance. What I mean by that is the mobility of your upper body. Before you address the ball, make a few practice swings with your right foot drawn back slightly.

As you reach the top of the backswing you should feel the resistance between your upper and lower body and if you pause for a moment here you should find this hard to hold - that's a good thing! It is this 'tension' that creates speed that allows you to unwind powerfully through the ball.

Make a series of practice swings feeling this resistance through a strong upper body coil and then try to replicate the move as you address the ball for real.

Importantly, your upper body needs to turn by about 90˚ (so that your back is facing the target at the top of the swing) but your hips should only turn a fraction of this amount (maybe 45˚). It is the difference between these two angles that is sometimes described as the 'x' factor and is essential power and control.

If you can find the x factor power move and groove it into your golf swing, you'll add distance without having to swing any harder. That's a combination we can all enjoy!

Guard against this: Many golfers swing their arms without turning their upper body. You may feel as though you've reached the top, but you're cheating yourself out of much-needed power. You need to swing your arms with the turn of your body.