LAN Airlines flies to the Falkland Islands every Saturday morning, departing from Santiago and flying via the southern Chilean city of Punta Arenas. Once a month the flight also stops in Rio Gallegos, Argentina. The approximate flight time from Santiago to the Falklands is 6 hours.

Direct flights are also available from the UK on a MoD-operated air service. Flights depart from Brize Norton (Oxfordshire) twice weekly and there is a refuelling stop in Ascension Island.

The Falkland Islands are included in the itineraries of more than 37 cruise lines. Vessels all visit Stanley and some also call at a selection of outer islands and settlements renowned for their natural beauty and wildlife. Visit the Falkland Islands website ( for more information.


Did you know that the Falklands could be your next destination for a fantastic golfing holiday? The Falkland Islands have a lot to offer and the destination is rapidly becoming an alternative to traditional golfing retreats. Ruggedly beautiful and challenging, the Falkland Islands offer golfing enthusiasts the opportunity to play on several of the most southerly courses in the world.

If you are looking for an off-the-beaten-track experience, think no further than the Falklands. With spectacular views, accommodating locals and not to mention enthusiastic spectators in the form of the many species of penguins who live on the islands, it is a far cry from the usual golfing holiday. The tranquil islands offer the perfect spot to sit back and relax and practice your golf, and would certainly be a holiday with a difference. The main course is situated in the capital, Stanley. Golf has been played there for many years and constant changes and improvements are being made to the course every year. The course is 4,700 yards in length, complete with 18 holes and situated just a 5 minute drive from the town centre which offers a vast array of accommodation and restaurants. Many farmers on both East and West Falkland also have their own courses which offer a unique golfing experience found nowhere else in the world. It is worth investigating this option when you arrive as travel around the islands is extremely easy and affordable, from ferry, to internal flights, or even in your own 4×4.


The Falkland Islands are the same latitude south as London is north, but the Falklands enjoy more sunshine hours than the UK as well as less rainfall. With long daylight hours in the summer it is very easy to fill the day with the many activities on offer. With more than 227 species of bird there is plenty to see and you will never be disappointed. This includes approximately 800,000 black-browed albatross and 770,000 penguins, including breeding pairs of Rockhopper, Megellanic, Macaroni, King and Gentoo penguins. There are also 14 species of regularly occurring marine mammal, such as the southern elephant seal, southern sea lion, Commerson’s dolphin, Peale’s dolphin, and killer whale (orca). A few days on Sea Lion Island would compliment your holiday and be a perfect break from practicing your golf swing. Staying at Sea Lion Lodge you can discover all this wildlife at close proximity and in perfect comfort. Situated only 8 miles off the coast of East Falkland, Sea Lion Island is the most southerly populated island in the Falklands.

A trip to Volunteer Point is also a must for any visitor to Stanley and the trip getting there is an adventure alone. Join a guided excursion in a 4×4 vehicle to turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, where you could almost be in the Caribbean….except for the hundreds of penguins which will surround you!

The activities and sightseeing opportunities on the Falklands are endless and can be arranged once you arrive. From horse riding, fishing, battlefields tours and boat trips, there is plenty to keep you entertained. Not to mention the distinctive cuisine of Falklands flavours and fresh fish on offer.


Stanley, the capital, offers plenty of places to stay from hotels and guesthouses to self catering cottages. Kay’s B and B, The Waterfront Guesthouse and Scotia House are all excellent. Go to or email

If visiting Sea Lion Island, stay at the Sea Lion Lodge:


Sea Lion Island is only 40 minutes from Stanley by air on FIGAS (Falkland Islands Government Air Service), the inter-island air taxi service, and the Lodge is a two minute walk from the purpose built clay airstrip.

A good ferry service, carrying cars and passengers, connects the two islands and hire vehicles are readily available.


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