Miss a lot of greens to the right? These tips may help you...

How To Stop Hitting Irons To The Right

Golf Monthly top 25 coach Paul Foston has this simple guide to help you stop pushing your iron shots to the right.

He covers set up, takeaway and drills to give you the best chance of hitting straighter shots.

How To Stop Hitting Irons To The Right –

1 So often, a push shot – one that starts right of target and stays on that line – can be attributed to a poor set-up.

Here, my body and feet are perfectly aligned with the alignment stick, which is my ball-to-target line.

Stop Hitting Irons To The Right

If you’re pointing right of that, it’s going to encourage an in-to-out swing path – the result of which is a shot to the right.

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2 An alignment stick used in this way can help you to groove the right take away.

Here, my swing plane is too much in-to-out.

Stop Hitting Irons To The Right

As the hands go in, so does the club, which opens the face.

This sets you below the plane on the way back, which is where you’ll tend to stay on the downswing.

From here, I’m likely to push the ball.

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3 This is more like it.

Stop Hitting Irons To The Right

The alignment stick helps me to keep my hands close to the body and the clubface outside the line of my hands.

My backswing is steeper.

Ideally, the backswing wants to be above plane, so when you transition you come down on plane.


Check your ball position, too. With a 7-iron, for example, this should be just forward of centre. Too far back and it will promote that in-to-out swing.

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