Big Max Spine has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2019/20 list

Big Max Spine

Price: £29.99

Tech Talk

The Big Max Spine is an extendable rigid support that sits in a golf bag within a travel cover and extends above the height of the longest club.

The sturdy octagonal cap pushes into the top of any model of travel cover while the lightweight extendable aluminium tubing supports the bag, creating clear space between the clubs and the top of the cover and adding virtually no weight to the overall total.

It’s an excellent way to ensure your clubs are protected when travelling without risking excess baggage fees. A simple but effective solution.

Game Booster

There are plenty of concerns and anxieties surrounding a golfing holiday, be it weather, flight delays or whether you’ve picked the right hotel. But one of the worst worries of all is that your clubs will make it safely to the destination in one piece. Most regular golfing travellers will have a tale of a snapped driver or damaged club in transit.

As your precious sticks make their way through underground baggage systems and are tossed from airplane holds to luggage carts, the risk to your bats is significant. It’s enough to give your palpitations. Well, Big Max have come up with an innovative product to lessen the stress – The Big Max Spine is such a simple concept but such an effective one. By securing your bag within the travel cover and protecting the longer clubs, it removes the possibility of a snapped shaft. It’s light, easy to operate and it doesn’t take up too much room, so there’s still plenty of space to squeeze in your waterproofs, polo shirts and spare undies. This is a brilliant, low cost method of securing peace of mind as you travel on your next golfing break.