Brooks Koepka did not endear himself to the rules officials during day two of the Ryder Cup


When Daniel Berger carved his drive right at the 15th not many could have predicted what would happen next as his partner Brooks Koepka attempted to get a free drop.

With a drain nearby Koepka maintained that he was entitled to some relief as there was a chance that his through swing could get involved with the metalwork – the situation wasn’t helped in that the ball was sat in a clump of grass and Koepka would have to play the shot with his weight forward and therefore would be hitting down on it.

There was plenty of discussion as, first referee David Price refused the drop, before Koepka called for a second opinion which was also refused.

In among all of this Koepka asked Price if he had ‘ever seen me hit a ball?’ intimating  that there was a chance, with the way that he would be playing the shot, that the club and drain might meet, something that tickled Sergio Garcia so much that he spat out his water.

Price calmly replied that ‘I’ve seen you hit plenty of balls’ before calling in for a second opinion.

Garcia continued to get involved, even to the point of assuming a stance over Koepka’s shot, while a fairly blunt Berger carried on making the American’s point.

Koepka, who suffered a wrist injury at the Tour Championship less than three weeks ago when his left wrist made contact with a tree root, ploughed on with his thoughts on the matter, even to the point of saying ‘If I break my wrist, it’s on f***ing both of you’ before play got going again.

Eventually after what felt like a short lifetime, Koepka played the shot and somehow muscled one onto the green and the hole was halved in par 4s.

The Europeans won the match 3&1 which was some turnaround after losing the first three holes.

When asked about the ruling Koepka was a lot less talkative than he had been on the course.

“Yeah, we didn’t get it.”

Koepka and Berger were not popular on social media after the incident: