Bryson DeChambeau was criticised for a gimme gesture on the 1st green at the Ryder Cup


Butch Harmon called Bryson DeChambeau “classless” after the American gestured to insinuate he should have been given a putt at the Ryder Cup.

We’ve also seen Justin Thomas do a similar gesture this week, although Bryson physically laid his putter down on the ground to emphasise his thoughts.

Unsurprisingly, the antics didn’t go down well, especially with the Sky Sports commentary team of Butch Harmon and Ewen Murray.

“I’m not sure that’s a great idea, especially with an elongated putter. Wasn’t remotely funny either,” Murray said.

Butch Harmon was harsher on the Golfing Scientist, calling him “classless.”

“Come on Bryson that’s just not good. That’s not right. We don’t need it just play golf. Classless,” he said.

Watch a clip of Bryson’s gimme gesture below:

“This is out of order in my view. It’s 3 feet, get on with it.,” Paul McGinley said on Sky Sports commentary.

“I’ll defend him on a lot of things, I’m a huge fan of his but in that regard just get on with. Just a little bit of petulance isn’t it.”

Justin Thomas did something similar:

“That was disappointing to watch, simple as that really. Especially in the spirit these games are played,” Sky’s Nick Dougherty said.

“He’s definitely missed one of that length before.”

It wasn’t just the Sky team that were not fans of Bryson’s gesture, as it didn’t go down well on social media either: