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PowaKaddy Touch golf trolley


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Clubhouse Golf

Key technology

The PowaKaddy Touch golf trolley is by no means a direct replacement for the Classic Legend, but this is the most easy-to-use model currently in the range. The Touch moves trolley technology to a completely different level and actually makes it easier to operate.  

Rather than using a roller to control speed, the handle is touch sensitive. By grabbing the handle and walking forward it will move at the speed you are moving at. A superb innovation.



The lack of display highlights exactly what this trolley is all about. This is for those who want a stripped-back trolley with no distractions, such as measurement readings. (Reviewed by GM's Paul O'Hagan) PGA Pro verdict Electric trolleys don't get much simpler than this. A good design firstly provides an easy assembly and fold down. A light 18-hole battery easily fits and connects, and then it's just push and go. The handle slides up and down easily to provide various speeds and it was great to use. No other frills here, just a power trolley. If the handle stands up to repeated use this should be a good investment. (Reviewed by John Jacobs)