Jeremy Ellwood puts the new PowaKaddy FX7 GPS electric trolley, packed with a whole host of handy features, through its paces out on the course

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PowaKaddy FX7 GPS Electric Trolley


  • Stylish to look at, easy to fold away and store, and with all the functionality you could dream of.


  • Premium price but you get what you pay for here.


PowaKaddy FX7 GPS Electric Trolley


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PowaKaddy FX7 GPS Electric Trolley Review

We’re more used to a three-wheel push trolley with a slightly cantankerous stand bag that constantly twists round.

So the first delight of the Powakaddy FX7 GPS electric trolley was that the Powakaddy Dri Tech Cart Bag we were also using stayed firmly in place throughout the round thanks to its Key-Lock base, regardless of the terrain.

PowaKaddy FX7 GPS Electric Trolley

The FX7 GPS keeps a PowaKaddy bag locked firmly in place on any terrain (Photo: Tom Miles)

Pretty much everything is easy to find and use on the full-colour touchscreen, with the crucial front, middle and back distances clearly visible in varying light conditions.

PowaKaddy FX7 GPS Electric Trolley

The 3.5in full-colour screen remains easily readable in all light conditions (Photo: Tom Miles)

There are probably more features than we would ever use but plenty of golfers perhaps do want to count the calories they’re burning these days!

The speed settings and automatic stopping distances are easy to use and adjust, although at first our early-morning walking pace did seem to want to naturally sit right between two speed settings. Once we were fully in the zone, the brisker of the two became just right.

The facility to measure shot distances was really useful on a day when we were also testing other club and ball products.

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PowaKaddy FX7 GPS Electric Trolley

The stylish low-profile sports wheels (Photo: Tom Miles)

It’s no secret that some of the deterrents to power trolleys in the past were weight, size, ease of assembly and the charging process.

All of these are problems of the past with the PowaKaddy FX7 GPS electric trolley, which not only looks sleek and stylish, but also weighs a fraction of some of those trolleys of yesteryear.

The lightweight lithium Plug ‘n’ Play battery is simple to install and remove (Photo: Tom Miles)

It’s simple to fold away to a manageably compact size via a clever one-click system, and the 30V lithium Plug ‘n’ Play battery is more streamline and powerful than ever.

But for us, perhaps the key USP is the comprehensive fully integrated GPS facility that comes preloaded with 40,000 courses with no fees or subscriptions.

Everything is displayed crystal-clear on the 3.5in touchscreen

This means the FX7 GPS really is effectively a one-stop-shop for all the modern golfer’s needs and desires. With everything right in front of you in one place, there should be fewer distractions as you play, leaving you to really focus on the shot in hand.

Of course, if you always use a power trolley, this could mean you don’t have to also invest in a separate GPS, although you may need to have some sort of contingency plan if the dreaded trolley ban comes in during winter.


Does everything you want an electric trolley to do and more with no fuss, leaving you to concentrate on your game.