Golf Monthly's Neil Tappin has a go on this four-wheel-drive golf skateboard in his GolfBoard review

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GolfBoard review


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Above, Golf Monthly’s Neil Tappin has a go on this four-wheel-drive golf skateboard in his GolfBoard review.

According to GolfBoard: “GolfBoard is undeniably the most exciting and enjoyable way to experience any course. Easy to learn, safe, and exciting, Golfboard can be mastered by most anyone in just a few minutes.

“After just a few holes, you will quickly agree that GolfBoard is by far the most fun you have ever had on a golf course.”

At a glance:

– A skateboard buggy combination that makes golf more fun
– It costs £3,399, with many clubs now offering them via hire

Winner of the ‘Best New Product’ award at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show, GolfBoard is now available to try in the UK.

The motorised skateboard style vehicle can be ridden with your clubs on your back, or attached to the front, and can tackle nearly all types of terrain.

To use the Golf Board, all you have to do is to step on and operate a wireless hand-held controller that allows you to accelerate and break, while your body movements control the steering.

While using a GolfBoard you can either carry your bag over your shoulders, or attach it to a bag mount come stability handle at the front.

While the bag holder is the easier method to master, the carrying method helps you engage your core muscles and balance skills to transform your round into more of a workout.

What’s more, the innovative four-wheel drive GolfBoard has already been proven to speed up play and, as an added benefit, it causes much less impact on the course than a traditional buggy.

With a compact size of just 50x20x10”, the GolfBoard is easy to store and takes up minimal space in the boot of your car.

It is available at £3,399, on finance from £69.00 a month subject to status, or to hire at a growing number of golf clubs around the UK.