The Big Max Coaster Quad Brake is the brand's classic electric trolley design. We took it to Royal Cinque Ports to find out how the performance stacks up

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Big Max Coaster Quad Brake


  • Incredible stability makes this ideal for anyone playing regularly on hilly terrain


  • The design, which makes it so sturdy, is not the best looking on the market


Big Max Coaster Quad Brake


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Clubhouse Golf

Tech Info

The Big Max Coaster Quad Brake is the brand’s classic electric trolley design. It features four wheels with suspension and as the front wheels both rotate, the trolley is able to turn on the spot. A fifth wheel can also be purchased to further improve the stability on offer. Other key features include an automatic downhill speed regulator which ensures the trolley doesn’t get away from you when going downhill, an electronic parking brake and a controlled distance function that allows you to send the trolley forward up to 60 meters. It also features a colour display and an integrated solar charging compartment that sends power to your phone or GPS device.

GM Verdict

The most important word to use when talking about the Big Max Coaster Quad Brake is stability. It has four wheels but crucially a fifth wheel can be attached to the back of the trolley. It is extremely sure-footed even on the most undulating terrain – we took it to Royal Cinque Ports and at no point did it tip over or become unbalanced. The rotational front wheels have a very important role to play. The ability to turn the Coaster on the spot means you don’t have to apply much force through the handle. Whilst we didn’t test the long term performance, we suspect this will make these trolleys more reliable. The trolley also folds down relatively small and as the lithium battery comes as standard, it is easy to get in and out of the car. The trolley also works nicely with the Big Max Aqua Bags. The added extras are not over designed as they can be with some electric trolleys. Instead, they are simple to use and intuitive – much like the Big Max Autofold FF push trolley. If you are looking to switch from carrying to using an electric trolley – this is as close as you’ll come to the stress free, hassle-free enjoyment that carrying can offer.


The engineering and manufacturing expertise on show here translates to a trolley that is incredibly simple and easy to use - ideal for anyone who wants an electric trolley with minimal fuss.