Sqairz Speed Shoe Review

In this Sqairz Speed shoe review, Chris Wallace puts the innovative new design to the test on the course

Sqairz Speed Shoe Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

Delivering on its promise of incredible stability and comfort, the Sqairz Speed golf shoe provides the support golfers need to swing aggressively and fearlessly at the ball in any conditions. Whether or not this shoe will add distance to your game is up for debate, but judged on its own merits as a high-end golf shoe, this is a tremendous product.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Highly impressive in terms of stability

  • +

    Comfortable straight out of the box

  • +

    Premium aesthetics and attention to detail

  • +

    Performs very well in wet conditions

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Square toe won’t appeal to everyone

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Sqairz Speed Shoe Review

In the interest of full disclosure and with apologies to Sqairz and Nick Faldo, the first time I saw an advertisement for Sqairz golf shoes I was harkened back to the earliest Golf Channel days, when infomercials were a huge piece of the programming puzzle. To say I was skeptical would be an understatement, not only as it related to promises of distance gains from a golf shoe but about the Sqairz brand in general.

That skepticism, however, fueled a level of intrigue upon learning that I would be testing the new Sqairz Speed golf shoe. Additional research into the brand led to promising findings, and I couldn’t help but be impressed to see Sepp Straka wearing Sqairz (and dropping bombs) en route to winning the Honda Invitational.

Having been able to test the Sqairz Speed golf shoe over the course of a few rounds the last couple of weeks, one simple question must be answered: Was my skepticism warranted? It was not. This is an outstanding golf shoe.

Sqairz Speed Golf Shoe

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Upon opening the box when the shoes arrived, the squared toe section does immediately stand out as both unique and unusual, and there might be those who simply can’t get past that feature aesthetically. That would be a mistake, however, as will be discussed later, and it should also be said that the squared toe was far less noticeable and not at all distracting while wearing the shoes.

My first impressions of the Sqairz Speed was that it had a premium look and was sturdy in its construction but not heavy. Upon trying them on for the first time, the size was spot on and there was a high level of comfort right out of the box. The initial comfort continued on the golf course as well, as I walked 18 holes the first time out. I had a back-up pair of shoes in the bag just in case but that precaution was unnecessary, as the Sqairz Speed was ready for action right out of the box.

Not only were these shoes comfortable during rounds, there was no foot soreness or fatigue after rounds, which can sometimes be an issue for me with even the best of golf shoes. Additionally, the Sqairz Speed offers a two-year waterproof guarantee and there were no problems with moisture penetration in the consistently wet and muddy conditions we've had at my home course in recent weeks. Equally pleasing after playing in the conditions described was that these shoes cleaned up quite well and with minimal effort.

Sqairz Speed Golf Shoe

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Where Sqairz is promising the biggest performance advantages when it comes to its Speed shoe, and many of its other products, is in terms of stability and support. More specifically, the unorthodox toe box was implemented to allow for a full range of motion from the toes and to widen and better position the shoe’s base under the ball of the foot. Additionally, the outsole has expanded surface area coverage to further promote balance and stability, and six Pivix Softspikes have been strategically positioned under the pressure point areas that Sqairz believes require the most traction.

While that might read like traditional marketing fluff from a shoemaker, the technology delivers. From a support and stability standpoint, this shoe is as good as any I’ve ever worn, and even more impressively delivers those attributes without feeling rigid or bulky. When I stood over golf shots in these shoes, I felt comfortable going after the ball as hard as I wanted while knowing my footwear wouldn’t let me down. And those who play on wet, dormant Bermuda and Zoysia grasses in the offseason will understand what an advantage that is.

Sqairz Speed Golf Shoe

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Of course, it must be addressed that Sqairz calls itself “the distance golf shoe.” The company claims you’ll add yards to your game wearing its products. Will you? I’m not prepared to go that far, and I’m not sure how that can be accurately measured given how many variables can result in a distance gain on any given shot.

What I will say is that I hit a lot of really good shots wearing these shoes, and they gave me tremendous confidence that I could swing aggressively. More importantly, however, they gave me everything I could ask for in a golf shoe, including industry-leading stability,  incredible comfort, and quality craftsmanship. The price point is on the higher side at just under $200, but for a shoe of this caliber that is extremely competitive.

In summary, if you’re exploring new golf shoes and have been either skeptical about Sqairz or are unfamiliar with the brand, this is a company that warrants your consideration. Putting the distance discussion aside, the Speed is one of the best golf shoes on the market. And if you pick up a few extra yards as well, that’s just icing on the cake given everything else it will provide.

Chris Wallace
US Staff Writer

Chris joined Golf Monthly in February of 2022, becoming the organization’s first full-time staff writer in the United States. In his role at Golf Monthly, Chris reviews a broad spectrum of golf equipment, ranging from the latest in golf clubs to what’s new in the world of golf technology. His vast experience in the game allows him to look beyond the marketing hype to judge the merits of the latest equipment for golfers of all ability levels. As for the trend in golf equipment that Chris has been most impressed with in recent years, the Players Distance Iron category would earn that distinction, as golfers now have far better options for irons that provide the assistance that so many need in terms of distance and forgiveness without forcing them to sacrifice look and feel.

On a personal level, Chris played college golf and was a three-year letterwinner and two-year captain at Lynchburg College in Virginia and later spent two years as the assistant golf coach at the University of Virginia. The vast majority of his professional career, however, has been spent as a sports writer and editor. In the early phases of his career, he covered college football, college basketball, and golf for different newspapers and websites before turning his attention solely to golf in 2011. Over the course of the past decade, Chris managed the Instruction Blog for GolfChannel.com and more recently created equipment-related content for TGW.com and 2ndSwing.com.

An avid player, Chris currently maintains a handicap index of 2.4 and has a career-low round of 66, which he has shot on three occasions. He lives about 20 miles north of Atlanta in Roswell, Georgia, with his wife, Stacey, and is a member at Atlanta National Golf Club.

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