In this Puma Ignite Caged Crafted Shoes review, Dan Parker takes them out on the course to test the overall comfort and grip of these spiked golf shoes.

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Overall rating:

Puma Ignite Caged Crafted Shoes


  • Comfortable and well fitting out of the box. Excellent grip in all conditions.


  • Crease fairly easily allowing dirt to get stuck.


Puma Ignite Caged Crafted Shoes


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Puma Ignite Caged Crafted Shoes Review

Puma has been winning over a lot of fans with its recent footwear range and the Ignite Caged Crafted shoes are another accomplished golf shoe to add to the extensive Puma range. We loved these so much they made it into our Editor’s Choice list for 2021.

Out of the box, these shoes are incredibly comfortable and we found little breaking in process was required. The comfort is thanks in most part to the full-length Ignite foam cushioning that provides a wonderfully soft feeling underfoot.

The microfibre synthetic upper also adds to the overall comfort and its breathable nature kept our feet well ventilated on a hot day while also keeping water out on a rainy day – an ideal combination.

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As for grip – probably the most essential aspect of a spiked shoe – the Ignite Caged Crafted again excels. The Adaptive Fit System found on the sole of the shoe keeps feet stable on the ground and we found it excelled especially on awkward lies. There is also 360-degree support around the ankle – another great touch by Puma – and this creates an altogether locked in feel from ankle to toe when these shoes are on.

The spikes provide ideal grip but also don’t protrude too much, making this an ideal shoe even when the ground is firm. We first tested these on a very dry day and didn’t feel as though the spikes were too firm and off putting. Equally, on the days we tested these in damp conditions, the grip was second-to-none.

They are a noticeable stylish shoe too and Puma designed these with the aim of fitting in on and off the golf course. One slight down side is that they crease behind the toe fairly quickly, and these creases can subsequently stain when dirt gets in. However, if you are quick to clean these parts after a round, there’s no reason why these shoes can’t look box fresh for a whole season.


The Ignite Caged Crafted shoe is another complete package offered by Puma. We liked its streetwear style, comfort across 18 holes and excellent grip across a wide range of conditions.